Marketing From the Trenches Ep#008: Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

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There are three common reasons why your marketing isn’t working, but it’s probably not what you think…

When we sit down with business owners who are unhappy with their marketing efforts, they often blame the technical side of the equation for the problem, such as the ad not being set up correctly, the wrong copy, or even a landing page that hasn’t been optimised. However, these things are actually on the bottom of the pile.

In this episode of Marketing From The Trenches, I’m going to take you through the three biggest reasons your marketing isn’t working, and explain step by step what you can do to get the results you want.

Be sure to tune in to the whole episode for a more in-depth discussion about the topic.

Here are the three most important parts of any campaign, which are also the three things most business owners get wrong in their marketing.

Step 1: Plan (2:12)

  • Map out the customer journey.
  • Know who your best customer is (the person you want to do business with).
  • What are their pain points, and how does your product or service solve them?

Step 2: Resources (6:03)

  • Resources mean both time and budget for ad spend.
  • Be prepared to launch a campaign, and have it take some time before seeing great results.
  • Review the data, then have a tailored approach, rather than scattered.

Step 3: Execution (10:47)

  • First look at click-through rates (or open rates for email). Are people seeing your message? 0.5% in the first month is a good result.
  • Of the people who see your message, how many visit your page? 20% in the first month is a good result.
  • The third metric to check is leads to conversions. How many people saw your message, clicked through to your page, then became a customer?


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