Marketing From the Trenches Ep#007: Breaking Down a 7-Figure Campaign

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Recently we set up a campaign for a client, and it has already landed them one 7-figure deal, with several more in their sales pipeline ready to be closed. The company we set this up for is a professional services company in PR, and they are targeting Fortune 500 companies to work with.

In this episode of Marketing From The Trenches, I’m going to break down step by step exactly how we set their campaign up so that you can follow the same strategies and implement them in our business today.

Be sure to tune in to the whole episode for a more in-depth discussion about the topic.

Step 1: Target Market & Planning (3:01)

  • Most people skip the planning phase
  • Most important question is ‘what is the biggest problem the target market has?’
  • Understand the biggest difficulties the person making the decisions has

Step 2: Angle + Value Offers (4:48)

  • How can our service help our target market?
  • Relate the service to their problem uncovered in Step 1
  • Understand the risk the decision-maker is taking

Step 3: Social Proof (9:46)

  • Use social proof to build trust
  • Show that you have achieved the result they want for other people
  • Anchor your results to your offer

Step 4: Execution (7:34)

  • Three approaches; cold email, direct mail, and phone call
  • Set up a cold email sequence
  • Track the data to know who is opening the emails, who is interested, and who would like more information
  • Move from email  to direct mailing physical envelopes to interested parties
  • Re-connect and ask to have a phone call

Step 5: Sales Process (14:19)

  • Brought sales and marketing teams together to share data
  • Create a sales process that nurtured while accelerating the sale
  • Use a process that spoke to each person in the decision-making process


We now have a free resources section on our website, which has just been built.

From this section you can download, for free, the resources we use for ourselves and for our clients to help them execute deals like the one we have examined today. 

Visit to download your free resources today.

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