CRUSH It In June (Why & How)…

HOLY SMOKES, it’s June already!

Don’t know if it’s me getting older (I hit the big 3 – 0 this year) or if I’m having too much fun, but this year seems to have FLOWN by…

If you’re like most business owners I know, you’ve been heads down bums up for most of the year, and it’s likely you haven’t come up for air since Jan/Feb.

If that’s the case, take a sec – look up , look out the window… heck I don’t know, pull up some Google images of your favourite place in the world and breathe.

In through the nose and out through the mouth.

That’s it – a few more times now…

Feel all chilled out now? No? My either, I’m way too busy for that BS

peace signing hippy
(yuh… definitely not me)


In all seriousness though – if you haven’t had the year you wanted so far, June is the time to fix that and get back on track.

If you’ve had a great year so far, June is the time to double down and take it even further!

Wait, don’t you mean July – I hear nobody asking, but I’ll answer anyway…

Why June?

Here’s the thing, there’s only two times in the year when most people actively sit down and plan out their Finances:

1) Jan (when they dream of driving Ferrari’s and taking 6 month trips around the world – first class)

2) July (when they get their tax returns from the IRS, ATO, CRA or HMRC – how’s that for some international flavour?

The problem with going to market in July is that by the time you roll out your marketing or lead gen – every other Tom, Dick and Harry is doing the same.

So if you want to get top of mind with your ideal leads, get them coming into your business and CRUSH the competition… June is when it’s at.

Okay, but HOW?

Let me break down an example strategy you can use into 3 simple steps…

STEP 1: Create An Offer

The most common mistake is to rush out into the market and start yelling: “Use me, use me”…

That’s the quickest way to fail and get 0 interest (or worse, get BAD leads and clients – you know the ones).

Don’t be this guy…

What you need to do first is come up with some kind of OFFER, or message that makes you DIFFERENT to most competitors.

Some ideas:

– “We helped 9,999 of our clients in the past achieve Financial Freedom… 9,998 of those clients now own Ferrari’s. Talk to us and we’ll give you a free Porsche”

– “Looking to get a new mortgage? Get it done with us in June/July and we’ll give you $500,000 back so you can buy that new Ferrari you’ve always wanted”

STEP 2: Get Offer In Front Of Audience

This is the part that most people stress about. They ask questions like:

“How do I get more traffic to my website?”

“How do I get my brand/ message/ marketing in front of more people?” and

“How do I get more exposure?” (answer… strip off and run down the main street in your town – guaranteed to get you HEAPS of exposure – you might even make it onto TV!)

Bonus points if you get this movie reference…

But honestly – nowadays, this is the EASIEST part of the equation.

Let me show you in just a few steps how you can get in front of THOUSANDS of the right leads for you.

This one example is based around Facebook Marketing and Facebook Ads (but it’s just ONE of the platforms you can use)

  1. First, go to
  2. And then head to the Ads platform:

  3. From here – click on “Create an Ad” (green button on top right hand corner)
  4. Now just for this demo – click on “Traffic” (this is a whole other blog post, so won’t get into it here…)

  5. Now, you just let Facebook guide you through the rest of the process, and get you in front of THOUSANDS of highly targeted people for you

    (In this example, I’m getting in front of up to 800,000 active Facebook users who live within a 10 mile radius of Sydney and have interests in Property – pretty cool right?)

Of course, you then need to create some Ads to get the attention of your leads – but that’s another blog post (again)

STEP 3: Help Them Become A Lead

  1. You’ve got an offer or some kind of messaging to help you stand out from the crowd.
  2. Next, you’ve got some way of marketing and getting in front of the RIGHT leads, and get visitors (eyeballs) coming back to your business.
I was going to use a way more graphic picture… but you might be having lunch as you read this, so I’ll keep it PG

Finally – to get those visitors/ eyeballs to turn into LEADS, we use what Marketing people call “Landing Pages”.

The only purpose of a landing page is to convert as many visitors (traffic) into leads as possible.

Stats show that out of 100 visitors to your website, less than 2% of them will call or fill in their details i.e become a lead.

With a well crafted landing page, you can increase those stats to between 20% – 60% conversions, and get 10 – 30 times the results, for the same effort/ marketing budget… Pretty AWESOME right?

Again, the purpose of this post isn’t to teach you all about landing pages, but that being said, we do have some PROVEN, high converting Landing Pages we can share with you.

Sharing Is Caring

The templates will save you from all the tech and marketing headaches you’ll no doubt come across if you had to figure this out for yourself.

So if you’d like to get your hands on them – read on and we’ll show you how to get it…

It’s like Christmas in June…

Now, I hope I’ve done two things with this post:

  1. Got your arse (or ass… Potatoes, tomatoes) into gear for June and July.If not, down a few cans of Red Bull and go get it!
  2. Shown you just ONE Marketing strategy out of like… 999 (actual number: probably closer to 7) that will help you get quick results for June/ July.

And while there’s nothing like just getting out there and executing, if you need more help with it all (offer, Facebook Ads or Landing Pages) …

Want Help?

I’ve got templates, systems and script that I can share with you for FREE that will cut down your execution time by MONTHS, as well as get you better results straight off the bat.

There is ONE condition though…

We want to make sure you use it RIGHT.

First of all, we don’t want this stuff to fall into the wrong hands.

We’ve spent TENS OF THOUSANDS developing these templates, and have pumped MILLIONS in advertising through them  – so we know they work (really, really, REALLY well).

The last thing we want though is to give this kind of power to the “cowboys” and sharks who only care about putting as much money in their pocket as possible – rather than taking care of their clients first.

And also…

If you don’t get it set up the right way, you can lose a LOT of money (I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories about business owners loosing a bunch of cash on “online marketing” right?).

Now, if we just handed this stuff over without making sure you knew what you were doing  – you could potentially burn the living bejesus out of the market, your wallet and your business.

Kind of like giving a Molotov cocktail to a 5 year old (or anyone for that matter)… what could go wrong?

Because of these reasons, if you want the templates, scripts and other goodies – use this link and schedule in a call with someone from our team: CLICK HERE

Together, we’ll run through how to use these templates and scripts in your business to CRUSH IT in June (and make sure you do it right so you don’t get crushed)…

Finally, these sessions are limited, and they fill up fast, so if you don’t see any free spots – just
email me and we’ll add you to the waiting list.

That being said –  use the link (CLICK HERE) to secure your spot, and then get all these goodies working in your business…

It’s Christmas in June!

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