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It’s time to get your brand in front of your dream clients. Creating, understanding, and refining your sales funnel is essential to the success of your startup or B2B brand.

Let’s first explain the whole “funnel” thing; it’s quite straightforward, well, kind of.

A funnel or sales funnel is the process that a prospective customer goes through to become a customer, that’s it.

We tailor each, and every sales funnel specifically to individual customers’ needs, but overall there are four main stages of the funnel.

Sales Funnel Stages Explained

We refer to the whole process as a funnel, but there are clear stages that are important to differentiate.

Irrelevant if you are a startup or an established B2B brand, the below general stages apply, and the magic happens in how we tailor each part of the process specifically to your business.

1. Awareness

This is where it all begins, it is where people become aware of your business and brand. They may hear about you through social media, word of mouth, or from your own in-house advertising. Either way, “you are new and fresh in their minds.”


2. Interest

After someone has become aware of you, now they’ll evaluate you based on their interest level. They will generally be evaluating all their options at this stage, comparing your company to others, and doing further research.

3. Decision

This is the stage when the customer is ready to buy, they will be considering limited options and comparing them in further detail before taking action.

Customized sales pages, expert positioning, and old-school phone calls can be powerful here.

4. Action

This is what it all comes down to, the moment, the decision. When the correct funnel has been created, this stage can be quick and effective.

On the other hand, if you have had a sales funnel created incorrectly or miss the finer details, this is where you will lose the battle.

So, how do we create incredible sales funnels?

Read on.

How We Create a Successful Sales Funnel

This is one of the most enjoyable parts of our jobs, seriously. This is when our experience shines; bring on the sales funnel we say!

We break our sales funnels into three key areas.

  1. Design & Building: Very simply, we zoom all the way out to create a full funnel. Then, once we are happy, we zoom all the way back in and refine each individual section or moving part. This encompasses every individual component, including landing pages, sales pages, and lead magnets, to name a few.

  2. Creating & Managing Online Ads: Online ads are a complimentary and often a very effective part of a funnel. But it is not as simple as flicking a few bucks to Facebook ads. It is about tailoring very specific ad copy, correct targeting, and using the relevant platform.

    “Not All Ads are Created Equal” is something we say around here.

    The efficacy of ads depends not only the what we can control but on the platform on which the ad is shown. That is why we measure and monitor all of our ads on all platforms, keep strict performance data and consistently optimise to get the best results.

  3. Writing, Optimising & Nurturing: This is where we “whip out the words,” crafting flawless email sequences that directly target your ideal customers. Basically, we have battle-tested email sequences for businesses of all sizes, from startups to more established B2B brands, and we know what works.

In fact, we have an extensive private database of performance metrics dating back years, yes we love data!

Let’s explain a little further:


The key to great writing is understanding human psychology, the desired result, and what words to use to gain trust and initiate people to take action.

Simple? Not really. When you break it down, different words get completely different results. In fact, changing one word in a sales funnel can dramatically alter the result.

Literally, one word is all it takes to change things. Now we are not trying to scare you here, things can change for the better or, the worse.

Either way, we are trying to stress the importance of tried and tested copy to get exceptional results.

We’ve learnt from good sales funnels and also from the bad ones, but most importantly, we have analysed and measured all of them to discover what type of copy works for startups & B2B brands.

Now, let’s optimise things.


Call it tweaking, optimising, altering, basically we are making small changes to finesse

the efficacy of the funnel and improve its performance based on feedback metrics.

Sure we start with our best possible foot forward, but we believe that no matter the result, there is always room to make improvements.

We break this process systematically into three parts:

  1. Define – Tracked metrics are set and agreed upon, and goals & objectives are established.

  2. Align – This is where we ensure that the above aligns with your brand, our historical success metrics, and the current market conditions.

  3. Refine – Time to make sure we tweak and optimise to ensure we get the best possible result for your business.

This is a dynamic formula that is constantly monitored and repeated as needed throughout the journey of the business.


Think of a garden bed (we love gardening), nothing grows without nurturing. From start to finish, we use all of our gathered statistics and metrics to gently nurture people through the process.

We gently guide them down the funnel, ensuring that they happily bring themself to the conclusion that your product is what they need!

Nurturing really is about positively reinforcing relationships with buyers at every stage of the process

Think of it as directing a ship, holding a hand, or even throwing the ball. Actually, forget the ball; let’s go with “caressing a customer.” Actually, let’s not; you get where we are going here. Nurturing is absolutely essential to getting leads across the line!

Let’s jump into some common questions about funnel building for startups and B2B brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question; we do it all in-house and it’s been done that way from day one. Why? We have the data, skillset and love of funnel building to kick ar#$ at it.

To be honest, we actually use multiple pieces of software, whether it be for landing pages, pop-ups, CRM, lead management, automation, etc. We actually don't have a static 'go-to' when it comes to a software stack. We have preferred choices, but we're not married to any of them. Why? The main reason is that every business uses a variety of software packages, and it can sometimes be hard to move to a new tool. We totally understand this and see it often, so we can work around your existing stack and requirements.

Funnel design, monitoring, and implementation vary based on a collection of variables - touch base and we'll let you know our baseline for doing funnel builds and designs.

The short answer is yes. In fact, we do in-depth audits around your existing funnel(s) before we execute or suggest building anything. We work with you to get to the bottom of your analytics and numbers, which can help form us appropriate next steps.

Yes, we do it all. All custom and on-brand for your business.