Our best Ads yet? So good I don’t even know how to measure ROI

I wanted to share with you all one of the BEST ads we’ve ever created, and the strategy and thinking behind the Ad.

Hold on to your hats, because this is going to be a good one..

So before how we set the ad up, let me give you a quick background on the strategy behind the ads.

My business partner Matt and I recently launched a new product called The Business Accelerator, where we teach businesses how to create effective marketing, that brings in a good return on investment (ROI) – FAST.

As part of the sales of this course, we had primarily used Facebook Ads, driven to a Webinar.

While these ads were working well, and we were happy with the numbers – we also wanted to build a community around what we were doing. To do this, we decided to create a Facebook group around a brand we have in the industry we were targeting.

The theory was that the ads going directly into the Webinar would give us immediate sales, whereas the Facebook group would provide interaction and value to leads and clients in a much more indirect way.

Think of it as SEO for people who hate SEO (obligatory whinge about SEO… done!).

Now, I had expected the group to take off slowly, and so didn’t allocate much of the budget to the Ads to drive people to the group, but as soon as it started running, boy did it take off…

Not only did we hit a perfect 10 relevancy score (how good Facebook thinks your ads are) – but we were paying some of the lowest Cost Per Click prices ($0.24) we’ve seen in a while.

How sexy is that!… Yup… I’m a geek alright haha

What this means is that we’re paying just $0.24 for someone to click through to our Facebook Group page, and from the clicks we are seeing a 50%+ request rate (% of people who clicked and have asked to join our group).

How crazy is that!!! We’re adding new members into our group – our IDEAL leads at $0.48 each and wowing them with some of our best stuff!

Ok – so you might be saying: Group Members don’t mean SH*T… in which case you would be right… but here’s the cool part. We’ve also engineered the whole process to get these leads on the phone with us, so that we can give them value and to see if they are a good fit for the course.

Here’s how that works…

It works through magic and Aliens… wait what?

Ok – so how it works is that after the leads come through and see the Facebook Group page – we have a few questions we ask them before we let them into the group.

One of the questions we have is:
“If you could change one thing about your business – what would that be?”

Depending on the answer that the people give us, our fantastic Social Media manager/ Group Taker-carer Talia will reach out to them directly and offer them some time on the phone with either Matt and I to try and help them solve their problems.

If they want more information or guidance and are a good fit (cool people and all that), we’ll tell them about the course and give them an opportunity to join. If not – we still try and help them as much as we can, and try to get them to give back to the community (pay it forward).

Sounds all lovey dovey, but what about the numbers I hear you ask? Let me show you…

If I have to watch this clip on Youtube one more time… (those of you with kids might sympathise)

When we drive ads and traffic straight to our webinars – we can get phone calls booked with us for just under $100 each.

With this group strategy though, the calls will be MUCH cheaper.


At the moment our tracking shows calls booked for around $12 – but I’m not convinced this is totally accurate, as it seems just too good to be true.

In all likely hood, the calls will probably end up in the ballpark of around $25 or less for a call.

Even if it costs us twice as much as this to get calls booked, we would be doing flips and celebrating (I actually have a clip of Matt doing a front flip… but I’m too lazy to embed that into this blog).

Now, there are other factors involved – like having a great person managing the group and having to nurture these leads for a longer period of time before they are willing to jump on the call, but all in all, this is looking like it will be one of the biggest and most profitable lead generation strategies we have.

So – let me know what you think. Could you see this working for you?


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